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Soul Contracts – Danielle MacKinnon

The book “Soul Contracts” by Danielle MacKinnon is about recognising and letting go of soul blockages that keep us trapped in fears, doubts, negative emotions and beliefs. These blockages may have been inherited from our ancestors or brought with us from past lives or they are from this life time.

Danielle MacKinnon calls those blockages “mental seeds” and “soul contracts”. Mental seeds are deeply routed negative beliefs. Soul contracts develop as a result of those beliefs when we don’t face the negative emotions, but push them aside instead.

The book explains in 5 steps how we can recognise those seeds and soul contracts and their effects in our own life and how we can remove them from our energetic system. Danielle MacKinnon uses examples of her own clients to describe the effect of mental seeds and soul contracts in peoples lives and also to describe how those 5 steps to recognise and remove them lead to changes.

This isn’t a fast fix method. I have worked several weeks with this book and have found it to be very helpful. I could recognise and let go of several patterns and blockages from past lives. But the different steps take some time to take effect.

The book contains some interesting specialties that I now use daily and can really recommend. It includes working with your spiritual helpers.

One of those things is called “Six Invocations of Light” and is best done daily for at least 40 days in a row. By doing that you only invite beings and experiences of 100 percent divine light into your life.

The second one is a method of energetic clearing with which you can remove everything from your life and from yourself that does not match 100 percent divine light. Very effective. I use it daily and recommend it.

The third one is a method to be filled with 100 percent divine light by your spiritual helpers which I also use daily now. Very effective and helpful.

Because of those practises the book “Soul Contracts” by Danielle MacKinnon has become a workbook for me that I have with me every day and use every day. It looks like that in the meantime which hardly ever happens with any book I read normally. I can really recommend it.