Ask your Spirit and Go on a quest

Today I would like to share 2 things.

I listened to Sonia Choquettes show on Hay House Radio today and she did two exercises with callers that really helped me. First she asked every caller “How is your Spirit today?” and it was about feeling into it and not as usual answering from the mind.
The second exercise was meant to reconnect people with their Spirit, if they were too much in their minds and didn’t know which direction to go. She said: “Finish the following sentence:
‘I love ….’
‘I love …’
‘I love …’
‘I love …’
‘I love …’

And my Spirit suddenly started playing along and out came this:
I love reading.
I love writing.
I love to be at home.
I love to travel, but I’m not ready yet.
I love donating to good causes.
I love giving presents to myself. But I don’t do it enough.

Number 4 and 6 were real insights I needed and was struggling with. First I cancelled any travel plans I had had in my mind. Second I made a list of gifts that I would like to give to myself and right away ordered one: a gift for my inner child. A rose-violet elephant by PinkGreenCrochet. And I was sooo happy when I got the reply that it was still available and I would get it.

The other thing I wanted to share is tPursuitOfHappinesshis interview by Marie Forleo that she did with Chris Guillebeau: Happiness of Pursuit . It stirred something inside of me. Chris did a personal quest: to visit every country in the world until his 35th birthday. In this interview he shares about how he started to travel just because he loved it and then the idea of the quest came to him. He talks about the goals he set himself and about several lovely stories from people he met that had their own quests. He wrote it all down in the book that just came out: “The Happiness of Pursuit”.

There’s so much spirit and excitement in this interview and in this quest. It feels like I’m looking for my own quest now. It might have to do with reading books, because I always wanted to read more. It would come in handy with my blog of course. But that’s not the reason I would like to do it. It excites me. I just can’t grab a goal number and deadline yet. I’ll probably ask my Spirit and angels to help me find that. Or just start and see where it takes me. I’m sooo excited.

Watch the video on YouTube. It’s great. And try the exercise above. Fantastic.

Have a lovely day.

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