Being of Service

Welcome to Day 17 of our 21-Day Meditation Experience. – Being of Service.

I took today’s centering thought “My soul expands when I help others” as a sign to reach another milestone in my journey of creating a new life, a life I love and that brings me joy and brings joy to others.

In my life I have always wanted to be of service, to help people and to help animals. I tried a lot of things where I was involved personally – working in an animal shelter, in an animal rescue organisation, as an animal healer and as a healer for people as well as taking on a whole bunch of animals as family members that I cared for. What it taught me was that helping this way I easily exhausted myself and damaged my health. And it felt never enough. I wanted to help more people, more animals. Without sacrificing my health.

Eventually I realised that there are soooo many organisations out there that do really good work and that I could identify with. Born was my wish to support them – one day when I had a regular income. Yesterday I told my husband that I was thinking about supporting some charities, but wanted to wait until I had more money. He said that if I waited, I would never do it. It wasn’t about the amount of money I donated. Important was that I did it, if that was what I wanted to do. What a wise man. I remembered that I had said such things once upon a time to him. 🙂 So we are teaching each other. Great lesson.

Remembering another friend who had told me to consciously decide what I wanted to do with my income, i.e. give 10% to charity, put 10% aside for learning, use 10% for whatever so that I would not use everything up just for everyday things – I decided that I would now start to give 10% of my income to charity. That’s at the moment 33,00 Euro per month. Immediately 3 charities whose work I love popped up in my mind and I set up regular monthly donations of 11,00 Euro to each one of them starting September, 1st.

Boah am I proud and happy. Happy to be able to help others by sharing what I earn while doing what I love – which is selling used books, cd’s, dvd’s and writing/blogging. This step feels huge to me.

What milestones are you proud of? How do you help others? I would love to hear from you and get to know you/the people who are reading this. I mean it.

Have a wonderful day filled with happiness and joy and sharing your bliss.


Day 17 - My soul expands when I help others

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