Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me. 🙂

It is my birthday today. The pictures show the flowers I got today.

Geburtstagsblumen 1 Geburtstagsblumen 2

It was a great day. I love it when right from waking up until before going to bed other people think of me and send me messages or call me or meet me during the day just to celebrate that I am there. I wasn’t able to see it this way and just be happy until 2 years ago. But then I learned that I can choose to be happy. And that God, the universe made me come here to this earth because I am special and that I am loved and don’t have to do anything for it. I learned that each person on this earth is unique and that included me.

Today I went through my day just being happy. And I let myself be surprised by so many people. The coolest thing: I joined two conversations on Facebook where other people stated that it was their birthday today too. It was so cool to find so many people having their birthday on the same day. I never was aware of that before. It is a great feeling to suddenly discover people from around the world sharing one birthday.

I had a happy day today. And I choose to be happy onwards.

I hope you have a happy day too.

Love, Antje

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