Angel Dreams – Doreen Virtue, Melissa Virtue

“Angel Dreams” by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue is a very easy and quick to read book.

It covers a lot of information about dreams, how to induce dreams, how to interpret dreams and the different kinds of dreams that exist.

In this book Doreen and Melissa teach techniques for dream preparation and recall and how you can create your own dreams to receive answers and guidance during dreamtime.  They explain basic dream symbols and the meaning of colours that might appear in your dreams. They also in detail go through the different kinds of dreams, i.e. problem-solving dreams, past life dreams, visits from passed-over loved ones, flying dreams and angel dreams. In each chapter it is being explained how they work, what purpose they fulfill and then there are real life dream stories from people as an example for that kind of dream.

The most interesting thing for me was to discover my dream guide and learn how to work with him. I also discovered that I already knew this angel. I just had no idea that he was guiding me in my dreams, night dreams and daydreams. I have been working with him ever since every day. This is really worthwhile learning.

The book also explains how you can call upon Archangel Michael to protect you in your dreams and how he and your dream guide work together to get you out of nightmares. I’ve gotten used to calling upon Archangel Michael every night when I go to sleep now as well.

Dreams are a way of receiving Divine guidance. They can help you to manifest and heal. This book gives you the information that you need to actively engage with your dream time and dream guide. Read it and try it.

A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey

Monika Klemm-Phillips book “A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” is her personal story of living with psychic abilities from childhood on.

Her parents being German and having immigrated to Canada after the end of World War II she tells the story of her upbringing in service of the Lord, with faith and Sunday services being the special event of each week. Reading about her childhood brings back memories of mine, because as I am German I know some of the cakes and things she writes about in her book.

It is beautiful to read for me how loving she grew up and how her mother listened to her intuitive insights and let her be with her imaginary friends who were not imaginary at all as she could see souls of passed over loved ones from age 3-4.

Later in life other things become important. She puts her abilities aside, gets married and lives a completely different life for 17 years. But the bond to her loving mother is strong and when her mother cries out Monikas name the day she dies, Monika puts an end to her marriage and creates a new life of her own.

She remembers her abilities, trains her intuition and uses it all in jobs in a corporate environment to find out that it works. At least for a while. She feels connected again to the Lord and is being guided on her way.

Over the course of the years she takes many classes with well known spiritual teachers like James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne, John Edward and more to learn, to train her skills and be certified in various fields. She also became a Certified Angel Card Reader. And after that she was being guided to take a big leap of faith and stop working in the corporate world and serve the Lord as a Professional Certified Angel Reader. That part of the book I have personally witnessed as we are colleagues and it is very special to me to see her walk this path which only started this year.

“A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” by Monika Phillips is a beautifully written account of a woman’s faithful journey. I highly recommend reading it.

I Can See Clearly Now – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“I Can See Clearly Now” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a fascinating book that I have read for the second time in the past weeks following Wayne’s passing. It spans his whole life from 1,5 years of age until his early 70’s. And right in the first chapter it becomes clear to the reader that there is something in this little boy Wayne that’s different from other people. He sees opportunities for fun where others feel frustrated. He doesn’t know sadness and instead makes everyone laugh. The way people know him as a speaker onstage – in this book he shows that he has always been like that, that he was born like that.

From a very early age, due to being put in orphanages, he takes care of himself and follows his own interests. And already as a child he also takes a stand for weaker children that are being bothered by others. All these traits that he showed as the famous author and speaker he was, he already possessed and showed as a child. I found this absolutely fascinating to realise.

The book contains 58 chapters and each chapter is divided into two parts. In the first part he tells a story from the past. In the second part he analyses what happened back then from his current point of awareness. I have never before read a book like that and I love it. Several times while reading it prompted me to look back at my own life and major turning points. In his Afterword Wayne encourages the reader to do just that.

Wayne goes through his life chronologically and writes about the major steps and turning points in his life. His childhood, living in orphanages, school time, university, his life as a professor and later as an author. Being a father, why he wrote which book, what he did to promote them. The most fascinating thing for me are his internal development processes that he writes about in detail. From self-reliance and self-actualization at the beginning of his life to spirituality and God-realization at the end of his life. This is a journey worth reading.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

Life by the Cup – Zhena Muzyka

In “Life by the Cup” Zhena Muzyka tells the story of her own life from a 24 year old single mum that was broke, not able to pay her bills and had just given birth to her son Sage who had a life-threatening kidney defect and would need a lot of medical care to being the owner of a large and well-known fair trade tea company.

She shares how at the broke point in her life she asks God: “God, you have to help me here! Tell me what to do!” And receives in her mind the words “Gypsy” and “tea”. Starting with those simple words, her Gypsy heritage and knowledge in aromatherapy and herbalism pictures start popping up in her mind. Pictures of tea parties. Pictures of her creating unique tea blends. Pictures of people loving and enjoying her tea. Those pictures become her guidelines.

When a bookstore café in her town is being advertised for sale she meets with the owner although her mind tells her that it will be no good and why should he listen to her. She listens to the voice of her calm guidance that says “Just show up” and tells him her ideas of a tea café.  He is so enthusiastic about her ideas that he employs her to bring them into reality. Zhena starts to create her own tea blends combining teas with spices, herbs and essential oils. She realises that she is passionate about creating rare tea blends and dreams about her own teahouse. At some point she makes the next step of opening up her first own business, creating teas and selling them.

Throughout the whole book Zhena’s love for tea, plants, nature and Mother Earth are omnipresent. She makes buying fair-trade a priority and goes beyond that to buy biodynamic teas. She shares how she finds the Bio Tea Project in Sri Lanka, a very special tea plantation that is run like a big family and fits perfectly into her philosophy. The people there become her family and she even founds a non-profit organisation to support the education of the tea worker’s children.

Woven into each chapter are the lessons she learns by walking that path. It has not been an easy path and she had a lot to learn. Which is why this book is perfect for anyone who has it’s own business no matter how big or small and for anyone who wants to start a business. And as it is the story of a woman entrepreneur the book is perfect for women. It feels a bit like one of your girl friends is talking to you. There’s a lot of advice in there and some exercises and I have turned some of them into direct actions right after reading them.

Oh, and as a goodie at the end there are recipes for giving your own tea parties. Recipes for tea, cake, cupcakes, macaroons and more.

Enjoy reading. And maybe enjoy baking and giving your own tea party. 🙂

Love, God and the Art of French Cooking by James F. Twyman

“Love, God and the Art of French Cooking” is a beautiful book about James F. Twyman’s  journey into his own self in search for happiness that is to his surprise supported by Roger Dufau, a French chef who together with his wife Kathleen owns a sweet B&B “Drew House” in Elora, just outside of Toronto.

How did James get there? Well, he and his girlfriend at the time decided to have a short holiday at Drew House to find out in which direction their relationship might go. The answer comes faster than expected. The next day Michele drives off, leaving James, because she says they are too different. He is quite perplex and in this moment is being met by Roger who then invites him for breakfast and for talking. And that’s where it all begins. Suddenly the French chef turns out to be a spiritual teacher as well and together they explore joy, real happiness and the role of food in our life.

“Love is what is important.” is Roger’s main teaching and he applies it not only to his life but also to food and his cooking and everything else he is doing. “Whatever brings us joy, we do; and what makes us feel sick, we don’t.” is something he teaches James very early on.

“You don’t deserve to be happy.” is one of the hidden beliefs from his past that James finds deep down inside during the time he spends alone at Drew House. He realises that all his life he has been searching for money and fame, because he believed that without it he wasn’t deserving love. He thought he was unable to attract lasting love, because he wasn’t powerful or rich enough. Now he comes to realise that although having been successful and having earned lots of money, he doesn’t feel abundant. During his conversations with Roger he is finally ready to let go of those old beliefs and embrace the uncertainty of not knowing how his life is going to turn out now. Not knowing where he is going from there.

Roger teaches a lot of beautiful and wise lessons about real abundance, choosing love instead of fear, embracing uncertainty which really is life and about combining your passion with service so that others can enjoy it too. James finally learns the most important lesson in life which is loving yourself and also to enjoy every moment and every imperfection in life.

I encourage you to read that book. It contains so much wisdom. I have taken 5 pages of handwritten notes for myself to remember the wisdom and be able to have a quick look at it now and then during my day. It really is beautiful and wise.

The coolest thing for me which I found at the end of the book are the cooking classes Roger Dufau and James F. Twyman have filmed together. In these videos they share some of the thoughts and teachings that James received from Roger at Drew House. And of course Roger also shares some quick recipes. The recipes aren’t really suitable for vegetarians or lactose-intolerant people like me, but the way of dealing with food with love and respect and all that Roger does is one that you can apply to whatever dish you prepare. So I encourage everybody to watch those videos. Search for Roger Dufau on YouTube.

Enjoy. 🙂