Radiating Compassion

Welcome to Day 18 – Radiating Compassion.

Oprah Winfrey says Compassion is seeing, hearing and feeling someone else as if we are one.

Deepak Chopra says the definition of compassion is to have sympathy for those who are suffering. He does not agree with the original understanding of compassion as suffering with them. This doesn’t help anyone. It’s much better to uplift and inspire others and show them that there is a way out of pain.

Compassion is a quality of the true self. If you go beyond suffering and find peace and contentment within yourself, you can radiate compassion from your own being. In this way you as an individual make a difference to the world.

Compassion and non-judgement go together. If you know that every soul was created by God and is wanted and loved and that God, Source, All That Is wants to experience all sorts of things through all sorts of people, than there is no way that you can judge anyone.

Practice reminding yourself of that. Practice seeing, hearing, feeling someone else as if you are one, as if you are the other person. Find peace in yourself, uplift others. Radiate compassion.


Day 18 - I radiate sympathy and acceptance

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