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A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey

Monika Klemm-Phillips book “A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” is her personal story of living with psychic abilities from childhood on.

Her parents being German and having immigrated to Canada after the end of World War II she tells the story of her upbringing in service of the Lord, with faith and Sunday services being the special event of each week. Reading about her childhood brings back memories of mine, because as I am German I know some of the cakes and things she writes about in her book.

It is beautiful to read for me how loving she grew up and how her mother listened to her intuitive insights and let her be with her imaginary friends who were not imaginary at all as she could see souls of passed over loved ones from age 3-4.

Later in life other things become important. She puts her abilities aside, gets married and lives a completely different life for 17 years. But the bond to her loving mother is strong and when her mother cries out Monikas name the day she dies, Monika puts an end to her marriage and creates a new life of her own.

She remembers her abilities, trains her intuition and uses it all in jobs in a corporate environment to find out that it works. At least for a while. She feels connected again to the Lord and is being guided on her way.

Over the course of the years she takes many classes with well known spiritual teachers like James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne, John Edward and more to learn, to train her skills and be certified in various fields. She also became a Certified Angel Card Reader. And after that she was being guided to take a big leap of faith and stop working in the corporate world and serve the Lord as a Professional Certified Angel Reader. That part of the book I have personally witnessed as we are colleagues and it is very special to me to see her walk this path which only started this year.

“A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” by Monika Phillips is a beautifully written account of a woman’s faithful journey. I highly recommend reading it.