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Nutrition for Intuition – Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves

In their book “Nutrition for Intuition” Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves give a very detailed overview of all the senses that belong to our intuition and how you can enhance them.

The book consists of several parts. In the beginning the different senses or clear senses are being described and there are many examples that show how their guidance can show up in daily life. This was very fascinating to me, because it made me aware of feelings towards people, situations and other things that I had not been aware of before. You can use the examples easily to go through similar situations in your own life, feel into them and recognise what your intuition tells you.

In this first part of the book Doreen and Robert also present scientific studies about intuition. Apart from that the connection between all our chakras and the different clear senses is being explained as well as the importance of our hormonal system for the intuition. That’s worth reading.

The second part of the book is about nutrition. It basically describes which foods are beneficial for the different senses and hormonal glands and which might be obstructing or blocking them. In this part Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves introduce different superfoods, nuts, seeds, plant-based milks and green smoothies and herbs. There also are some recipes which you can try if you like.

The third part of the book is about how you can enhance your intuition in other ways. One section is about detoxing. Another section talks about quite a few methods of cleaning your chakras. From prayer to crystals and meditations to working with angels, you can try all of them. The last section is about the physical and spiritual effect of certain supplements like vitamins. That’s actually quite interesting.

If you want to learn something more about your intuition and how certain foods can enhance and support it, I recommend you read this book.

But I would like to recommend warmly to everyone to read this book with intuition as well. Maybe consult a naturopath regarding your own nutrition. And maybe learn kinesiologic muscle testing, so that you can really test for your own body which foods are good for it and which are not. There is no one recipe or one truth for everyone regarding nutrition or anything really. But sometimes it sounds like it when you read it. It’s good to sometimes step back and ask “Is this true for me? Is this true for my body?”