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Memories of Heaven – Wayne Dyer, Dee Garnes

This book is so beautiful. I’ve just started to read it again.

In their book “Memories of Heaven” Wayne Dyer and his assistant and co-author Dee Garnes have collected and published stories from parents all over the world. All those reports contain memories of small children about Heaven, the time before their birth and how they choose their parents.

The stories are as diverse as the children, but the energy that they make you feel is heavenly. They talk about their time with God, about how they have been angels and often they were together with their later-to-be siblings. Many of those children see deceased loved ones and talk about them. Often also those whom they have never met.

Other children talk about past lives and about other parents that they had in those lives. There are children who remember that in a past life they were the mom and their current mom was the child. Some reports make it clear that the soul of a deceased loved one is reincarnated in the child. Others show that children who left through miscarriages came back. Something that moved me deeply, because I had miscarriages myself.

There are reports where children suddenly have forebodings and with loud screaming or strange behaviour prevented that the family became involved in an accident or something similar. Other children point to their mothers belly and announce that she is pregnant or just say out of the blue that they will have a sister or brother. There’s also stories about “imaginative” friends who are part of the family.

It’s really hard to describe. You have to read it. These words of children which are often quotations carry so much love and often I could feel the connection to Heaven, God and the angels and the truth of those words. Also while I was reading my own children and grandparents often were present with me. I could feel them and they would also give me messages.

I would highly recommend “Memories of Heaven” by Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes. It is just heavenly and beautiful.