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Stop blaming. Start loving.

“If people love you, they want you to grow. If people don’t want you to grow, then you can call the feelings that they have for you by many names. But you can’t call it love.”  Rob Bell

Let me comment on that:
It’s your task to love yourself and grow so that you can love them no matter what they do, say or feel towards you. That’s gonna change the world. That’s what love is about. The people who are unable to love you and support you in your growth are your greatest teachers.

If we keep condemning those people, we keep holding onto war. Because that’s nothing different. War isn’t just shooting with guns on other people or dropping bombs on their heads. War is judging ourselves and other people for what we are or what we are not, for what they are and what they are not. If we truly understand the concept of Oneness, then we know that we are them and they are us. And that what we send out towards them comes back to us immediately. So, if you judge somebody for not loving you or supporting you, you basically judge yourself for not loving and supporting yourself. It’s never about somebody else. It’s always about you.

Find the love in yourself and start giving it to others in the way that your soul wants to express itself. Stop judging. Stop blaming. Start loving. And keep doing it. That’s gonna bring peace on Earth.

And so it is.


P.S.: If you want to explore the concept of Oneness and Giving and Receiving even more, I suggest you watch the movie “The Moses Code”.

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me. 🙂

It is my birthday today. The pictures show the flowers I got today.

Geburtstagsblumen 1 Geburtstagsblumen 2

It was a great day. I love it when right from waking up until before going to bed other people think of me and send me messages or call me or meet me during the day just to celebrate that I am there. I wasn’t able to see it this way and just be happy until 2 years ago. But then I learned that I can choose to be happy. And that God, the universe made me come here to this earth because I am special and that I am loved and don’t have to do anything for it. I learned that each person on this earth is unique and that included me.

Today I went through my day just being happy. And I let myself be surprised by so many people. The coolest thing: I joined two conversations on Facebook where other people stated that it was their birthday today too. It was so cool to find so many people having their birthday on the same day. I never was aware of that before. It is a great feeling to suddenly discover people from around the world sharing one birthday.

I had a happy day today. And I choose to be happy onwards.

I hope you have a happy day too.

Love, Antje

Radiating Compassion

Welcome to Day 18 – Radiating Compassion.

Oprah Winfrey says Compassion is seeing, hearing and feeling someone else as if we are one.

Deepak Chopra says the definition of compassion is to have sympathy for those who are suffering. He does not agree with the original understanding of compassion as suffering with them. This doesn’t help anyone. It’s much better to uplift and inspire others and show them that there is a way out of pain.

Compassion is a quality of the true self. If you go beyond suffering and find peace and contentment within yourself, you can radiate compassion from your own being. In this way you as an individual make a difference to the world.

Compassion and non-judgement go together. If you know that every soul was created by God and is wanted and loved and that God, Source, All That Is wants to experience all sorts of things through all sorts of people, than there is no way that you can judge anyone.

Practice reminding yourself of that. Practice seeing, hearing, feeling someone else as if you are one, as if you are the other person. Find peace in yourself, uplift others. Radiate compassion.


Day 18 - I radiate sympathy and acceptance

Being of Service

Welcome to Day 17 of our 21-Day Meditation Experience. – Being of Service.

I took today’s centering thought “My soul expands when I help others” as a sign to reach another milestone in my journey of creating a new life, a life I love and that brings me joy and brings joy to others.

In my life I have always wanted to be of service, to help people and to help animals. I tried a lot of things where I was involved personally – working in an animal shelter, in an animal rescue organisation, as an animal healer and as a healer for people as well as taking on a whole bunch of animals as family members that I cared for. What it taught me was that helping this way I easily exhausted myself and damaged my health. And it felt never enough. I wanted to help more people, more animals. Without sacrificing my health.

Eventually I realised that there are soooo many organisations out there that do really good work and that I could identify with. Born was my wish to support them – one day when I had a regular income. Yesterday I told my husband that I was thinking about supporting some charities, but wanted to wait until I had more money. He said that if I waited, I would never do it. It wasn’t about the amount of money I donated. Important was that I did it, if that was what I wanted to do. What a wise man. I remembered that I had said such things once upon a time to him. 🙂 So we are teaching each other. Great lesson.

Remembering another friend who had told me to consciously decide what I wanted to do with my income, i.e. give 10% to charity, put 10% aside for learning, use 10% for whatever so that I would not use everything up just for everyday things – I decided that I would now start to give 10% of my income to charity. That’s at the moment 33,00 Euro per month. Immediately 3 charities whose work I love popped up in my mind and I set up regular monthly donations of 11,00 Euro to each one of them starting September, 1st.

Boah am I proud and happy. Happy to be able to help others by sharing what I earn while doing what I love – which is selling used books, cd’s, dvd’s and writing/blogging. This step feels huge to me.

What milestones are you proud of? How do you help others? I would love to hear from you and get to know you/the people who are reading this. I mean it.

Have a wonderful day filled with happiness and joy and sharing your bliss.


Day 17 - My soul expands when I help others

The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone by Michael J. Chase

The first thing I loved about this book when I unpacked it from its envelope was the format. It’s such a sweet little book. And on its cover a dog is smiling right into your face. I loved it from the first look. And that is rare. I cannot remember having had that experience before. So it’s a special book for me.

Michael is telling the story of his dog Mollie and most of all how she is approaching life, people and the world around her. He wanted to write a book about loving everyone and felt stuck in not knowing somebody who lived like that and who he could refer to. One night when Mollie wakes him up by licking his face it strikes him that she is the one that is loving everyone and that the book should be about her. He then goes on a journey of watching her in everyday life very closely and by doing that he goes on his own journey of learning to love everyone.

Watching Mollie he quickly learns that she judges no one and approaches everyone and every situation with curiosity and a wagging tail. At the same time he often realises that although he is trying not to he still judges people often unconsciously. By watching Mollie he also watches his own behaviour in a lot of situations and that enables him to change. When he gets stuck in a behaviour he calls his buddhist friend who helps out with some buddhist teachings that I also found helpful.

What I like about the book is the honesty and openness with which Michael writes about his everyday life and the struggles he faces emotionally and how he tries to overcome them by learning new behaviours. It is really a story about the adventure of him living with Mollie. It is beautifully written. There’s a lot to laugh about as always when you’re telling stories about living with a dog. I have one of my own. So I know. Michael also talks about his work with The Kindness Center that he and his wife Cara established together and which I find incredibly great.

For me the most insightful passage was about a school event that Michael had been speaking at and that left him feeling rather bad because of some kids that had started behaving disrespectful when he was telling about the suicide of his dad. Days after the event when he was walking Mollie a young man approached him telling him that he was sorry for the kid’s behaviour and that he was grateful for what he had said and that it had meant a lot to him. When asked why, he said that his uncle had committed suicide and when Michael spoke about his dad the young man had felt that there was somebody standing there who knew exactly how he felt. In this moment Michael understood that it is not necessary to make a connection with every kid in the room . When he reaches one of them he has made a difference.

For me reading this passage has made a real difference and it left me with tears streaming down my face. Why? I often thought, how can I make a difference in the world when I only reach one person or a few or if I only can give one animal a home or a few. Reading this has taken a whole lot of pressure of me and I understood that for the one person that I talk to and the one animal that finds a loving home at my house I do make a difference. And looking at my life from where I am now I can see that I already have made a difference to more than one person and more than one animal. Thank you, Michael, for showing me that. I am really grateful for that insight.