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A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey

Monika Klemm-Phillips book “A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” is her personal story of living with psychic abilities from childhood on.

Her parents being German and having immigrated to Canada after the end of World War II she tells the story of her upbringing in service of the Lord, with faith and Sunday services being the special event of each week. Reading about her childhood brings back memories of mine, because as I am German I know some of the cakes and things she writes about in her book.

It is beautiful to read for me how loving she grew up and how her mother listened to her intuitive insights and let her be with her imaginary friends who were not imaginary at all as she could see souls of passed over loved ones from age 3-4.

Later in life other things become important. She puts her abilities aside, gets married and lives a completely different life for 17 years. But the bond to her loving mother is strong and when her mother cries out Monikas name the day she dies, Monika puts an end to her marriage and creates a new life of her own.

She remembers her abilities, trains her intuition and uses it all in jobs in a corporate environment to find out that it works. At least for a while. She feels connected again to the Lord and is being guided on her way.

Over the course of the years she takes many classes with well known spiritual teachers like James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne, John Edward and more to learn, to train her skills and be certified in various fields. She also became a Certified Angel Card Reader. And after that she was being guided to take a big leap of faith and stop working in the corporate world and serve the Lord as a Professional Certified Angel Reader. That part of the book I have personally witnessed as we are colleagues and it is very special to me to see her walk this path which only started this year.

“A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” by Monika Phillips is a beautifully written account of a woman’s faithful journey. I highly recommend reading it.

I Can See Clearly Now – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“I Can See Clearly Now” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a fascinating book that I have read for the second time in the past weeks following Wayne’s passing. It spans his whole life from 1,5 years of age until his early 70’s. And right in the first chapter it becomes clear to the reader that there is something in this little boy Wayne that’s different from other people. He sees opportunities for fun where others feel frustrated. He doesn’t know sadness and instead makes everyone laugh. The way people know him as a speaker onstage – in this book he shows that he has always been like that, that he was born like that.

From a very early age, due to being put in orphanages, he takes care of himself and follows his own interests. And already as a child he also takes a stand for weaker children that are being bothered by others. All these traits that he showed as the famous author and speaker he was, he already possessed and showed as a child. I found this absolutely fascinating to realise.

The book contains 58 chapters and each chapter is divided into two parts. In the first part he tells a story from the past. In the second part he analyses what happened back then from his current point of awareness. I have never before read a book like that and I love it. Several times while reading it prompted me to look back at my own life and major turning points. In his Afterword Wayne encourages the reader to do just that.

Wayne goes through his life chronologically and writes about the major steps and turning points in his life. His childhood, living in orphanages, school time, university, his life as a professor and later as an author. Being a father, why he wrote which book, what he did to promote them. The most fascinating thing for me are his internal development processes that he writes about in detail. From self-reliance and self-actualization at the beginning of his life to spirituality and God-realization at the end of his life. This is a journey worth reading.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

The Importance of Being Extraordinary – Dr. Wayne Dyer & Eckhart Tolle

I would like to introduce you to the dialogue “The Importance of Being Extraordinary” between Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Eckhart Tolle that has actually become very famous already. So you might already know it. But anyway. I find it deeply inspiring and sometimes it’s just fun.

It all revolves around the topics of being, paying attention, present moment awareness, consciousness. Different terms meaning the same thing. What I find most interesting about it is that two people exchange their views on basically the same topic, but the words they are using and the way they explain it, are very different. Sometimes they even tell the same story in different ways. I find that fascinating. Eckhart Tolle even addresses that at some point and says that he is using different words for one thing, because different words speak to different people.

Eckhart Tolle speaks about Being vs. Doing and how both are part of this universe and part of our life. The universe wants to create (Doing) and also wants to know, experience itself through us (Being). The challenge for us is to be aware of who we really are and do, create, but without loosing ourselves in the process.

Wayne Dyer says “You can be an extraordinary being and still have the ordinary in you.” With ordinary he means paying taxes, filling out forms etc. But he also clearly says that he wants us to be extraordinary. He wants us to not just be people who fill out forms and follow rules but people who look beyond that, people who know their soul and it’s wish to ever expand. He clearly points to “The Importance of Being Extraordinary”.

Eckhart Tolle asks the audience “Can you sense the infinity of your being now in this moment?” Which means not to derive your identity from your mind, i.e. the stories in your head, which is what usually happens. “Can you sense that within you there is an unconditioned consciousness, deep aliveness that has nothing to do with your history?”

Eckhart Tolle further explains that many people identify either with their body or with their psychological self-image (thoughts, ideas). Those two are permanently changing. They are impermanent. And neither of them is who we truly are. Wayne Dyer talks about Muktananda being asked “What is real?” He answers: “That is real which never changes.”

The funniest part of the whole dialogue for me is always (I have listened to it several times) when they talk about the Watkins’ list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People on which by the time of the talk Wayne Dyer is No. 3 and Eckhart Tolle No. 1. They actually use it as an example of showing how the ego deals with that and how the pure consciousness doesn’t give any meaning to such thing. It’s something to laugh about and to learn with.

If you would like to listen to this dialogue, there are three possibilities. There is a DVD, a CD set or an audio download.

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

I would like to share with you “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The Four Agreements with explanations

davidji posted them at the beginning of the week and did a radio show on them today to help people to really take them in. We actually did a meditation on them and rephrased them so they are personal like this:

1. I am impeccable with my word.
2. I don’t take anything personally.
3. I don’t make assumptions.
4. I always do my best.

For me these feel like some vows to live by. And of course they come to me at the right time as I seem to have entered some form of transformational time by the start of this week. It’s the month of my birthday coming up on September 18th and it seems to have to do with that. Old fears, sadness, loneliness are surfacing. I’m shedding a lot of tears at the moment and try to give myself time to go through that and see what turns up on the other side of the tunnel.

Maybe you would like to explore them for you. See what they mean to you. Feel how it feels to live by them. Practice living by them. I surely will do that. I’ve had enough of making assumptions and taking things personally. And I am very sensitive to words. So this will be a quest for me to do my best to live by those words.

There’s also a book called “The Four Agreements”, if you like to dive deeper into the matter.

Ask your Spirit and Go on a quest

Today I would like to share 2 things.

I listened to Sonia Choquettes show on Hay House Radio today and she did two exercises with callers that really helped me. First she asked every caller “How is your Spirit today?” and it was about feeling into it and not as usual answering from the mind.
The second exercise was meant to reconnect people with their Spirit, if they were too much in their minds and didn’t know which direction to go. She said: “Finish the following sentence:
‘I love ….’
‘I love …’
‘I love …’
‘I love …’
‘I love …’

And my Spirit suddenly started playing along and out came this:
I love reading.
I love writing.
I love to be at home.
I love to travel, but I’m not ready yet.
I love donating to good causes.
I love giving presents to myself. But I don’t do it enough.

Number 4 and 6 were real insights I needed and was struggling with. First I cancelled any travel plans I had had in my mind. Second I made a list of gifts that I would like to give to myself and right away ordered one: a gift for my inner child. A rose-violet elephant by PinkGreenCrochet. And I was sooo happy when I got the reply that it was still available and I would get it.

The other thing I wanted to share is tPursuitOfHappinesshis interview by Marie Forleo that she did with Chris Guillebeau: Happiness of Pursuit . It stirred something inside of me. Chris did a personal quest: to visit every country in the world until his 35th birthday. In this interview he shares about how he started to travel just because he loved it and then the idea of the quest came to him. He talks about the goals he set himself and about several lovely stories from people he met that had their own quests. He wrote it all down in the book that just came out: “The Happiness of Pursuit”.

There’s so much spirit and excitement in this interview and in this quest. It feels like I’m looking for my own quest now. It might have to do with reading books, because I always wanted to read more. It would come in handy with my blog of course. But that’s not the reason I would like to do it. It excites me. I just can’t grab a goal number and deadline yet. I’ll probably ask my Spirit and angels to help me find that. Or just start and see where it takes me. I’m sooo excited.

Watch the video on YouTube. It’s great. And try the exercise above. Fantastic.

Have a lovely day.