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Soul Contracts – Danielle MacKinnon

The book “Soul Contracts” by Danielle MacKinnon is about recognising and letting go of soul blockages that keep us trapped in fears, doubts, negative emotions and beliefs. These blockages may have been inherited from our ancestors or brought with us from past lives or they are from this life time.

Danielle MacKinnon calls those blockages “mental seeds” and “soul contracts”. Mental seeds are deeply routed negative beliefs. Soul contracts develop as a result of those beliefs when we don’t face the negative emotions, but push them aside instead.

The book explains in 5 steps how we can recognise those seeds and soul contracts and their effects in our own life and how we can remove them from our energetic system. Danielle MacKinnon uses examples of her own clients to describe the effect of mental seeds and soul contracts in peoples lives and also to describe how those 5 steps to recognise and remove them lead to changes.

This isn’t a fast fix method. I have worked several weeks with this book and have found it to be very helpful. I could recognise and let go of several patterns and blockages from past lives. But the different steps take some time to take effect.

The book contains some interesting specialties that I now use daily and can really recommend. It includes working with your spiritual helpers.

One of those things is called “Six Invocations of Light” and is best done daily for at least 40 days in a row. By doing that you only invite beings and experiences of 100 percent divine light into your life.

The second one is a method of energetic clearing with which you can remove everything from your life and from yourself that does not match 100 percent divine light. Very effective. I use it daily and recommend it.

The third one is a method to be filled with 100 percent divine light by your spiritual helpers which I also use daily now. Very effective and helpful.

Because of those practises the book “Soul Contracts” by Danielle MacKinnon has become a workbook for me that I have with me every day and use every day. It looks like that in the meantime which hardly ever happens with any book I read normally. I can really recommend it.

Walking Home – Sonia Choquette

In her book “Walking Home – A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed”, Sonia Choquette tells the journey of her healing pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, an 820 km trek over the Pyrenees and across northern Spain.

Sonia has been an intuitive coach , author and spiritual teacher for 35 years, teaching people to develop their intuition, heal heartache, overcome obstacles and live life fearlessly. When her brother and father unexpectedly die shortly after each other, all the tools she has been teaching fail to help her.

After the initial shock of her loss ceases, she finds herself confronted with raging anger towards her brother and father. Childhood memories surface, ignored feelings, things she just accepted and never voiced take hold and won’t go away. In addition to that the problems in her marriage become more apparent than ever. She and her husband Patrick fail to find a way to communicate. Anger takes hold in their relationship until one day Sonia blurts out that she can no longer live with him.

During all that Sonia has continued to work, giving workshops, coaching, if not more than ever. When she is working, she isn’t confronted with her own life and feelings. But one day she reaches her limit. She cannot shut out all the emotional turbulence anymore. Feeling sad, hurt, angry and unhappy, she finally sees and admits it all to herself, realising that she doesn’t want to be this unhappy person any longer.

Praying for Divine intervention

Sonia starts to pray for divine intervention to release the old strangling patterns of relationship as well as her male fighter and caretaker part who jumps in on every occasion rescuing other people, but thereby exhausting herself. She prays to the Holy Mother God to release her from her old life and surrenders to be guided to a new one. Her Higher Self answers with a clear instruction to walk the Camino de Santiago and go alone.

On the Camino

She starts walking the Camino in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France. But before she takes off on Day 1 she says a prayer to be guided and helped to release old patterns, to heal and transform old emotions and to clear her life of all that no longer serves her soul. She continues to say those prayers every day.

Her journey on the camino takes 34 days. Sonia very openly shares her adventures, the beautiful landscape and the many many feelings and struggles she faces and goes through each day. She also shares photos of her journey and herself in the book.

This walk for her isn’t just a walk on the camino. It is a walk through her whole life and through her inner landscape of suppressed emotions that now have the chance to be felt and acknowledged. With every step she walks on the camino she heals a part of herself. It is beautiful to see how Spirit orchestrates meetings with people just at the right time to say the right words, uplift, help heal or just be there.

It is a beautiful, meaningful journey and I highly recommend reading the book “Walking Home” by Sonia Choquette.

A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey

Monika Klemm-Phillips book “A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” is her personal story of living with psychic abilities from childhood on.

Her parents being German and having immigrated to Canada after the end of World War II she tells the story of her upbringing in service of the Lord, with faith and Sunday services being the special event of each week. Reading about her childhood brings back memories of mine, because as I am German I know some of the cakes and things she writes about in her book.

It is beautiful to read for me how loving she grew up and how her mother listened to her intuitive insights and let her be with her imaginary friends who were not imaginary at all as she could see souls of passed over loved ones from age 3-4.

Later in life other things become important. She puts her abilities aside, gets married and lives a completely different life for 17 years. But the bond to her loving mother is strong and when her mother cries out Monikas name the day she dies, Monika puts an end to her marriage and creates a new life of her own.

She remembers her abilities, trains her intuition and uses it all in jobs in a corporate environment to find out that it works. At least for a while. She feels connected again to the Lord and is being guided on her way.

Over the course of the years she takes many classes with well known spiritual teachers like James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne, John Edward and more to learn, to train her skills and be certified in various fields. She also became a Certified Angel Card Reader. And after that she was being guided to take a big leap of faith and stop working in the corporate world and serve the Lord as a Professional Certified Angel Reader. That part of the book I have personally witnessed as we are colleagues and it is very special to me to see her walk this path which only started this year.

“A Leap of Faith – A Psychic’s Spirited Journey” by Monika Phillips is a beautifully written account of a woman’s faithful journey. I highly recommend reading it.