Teach your children to meditate

Teach your children to meditate and/or meditate with them.

There’s a saying that roughly goes like this:
“If every 8-year-old would be told how to meditate,
there would be no more war on earth.”

Let’s strive to get there.

1.) Make your own meditation practice a priority in your personal every day life. Thereby you give yourself space and time and you also are an example for your children.

2.) Teach your children a simple meditation. And teach them to breathe deeply to reconnect with themselves. Gabby Bernstein gives examples in her video “How to meditate with your kids” that you can find on YouTube.

3.) Maybe also invite your children to meditate together. Don’t give up your personal meditation time though. Rather set another time for meditating together. Share your guided meditations with them, if you like. And just follow your guidance and their curiosity.

Most of all: “Be a meditator.” Gabby Bernstein


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