The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

I would like to share with you “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The Four Agreements with explanations

davidji posted them at the beginning of the week and did a radio show on them today to help people to really take them in. We actually did a meditation on them and rephrased them so they are personal like this:

1. I am impeccable with my word.
2. I don’t take anything personally.
3. I don’t make assumptions.
4. I always do my best.

For me these feel like some vows to live by. And of course they come to me at the right time as I seem to have entered some form of transformational time by the start of this week. It’s the month of my birthday coming up on September 18th and it seems to have to do with that. Old fears, sadness, loneliness are surfacing. I’m shedding a lot of tears at the moment and try to give myself time to go through that and see what turns up on the other side of the tunnel.

Maybe you would like to explore them for you. See what they mean to you. Feel how it feels to live by them. Practice living by them. I surely will do that. I’ve had enough of making assumptions and taking things personally. And I am very sensitive to words. So this will be a quest for me to do my best to live by those words.

There’s also a book called “The Four Agreements”, if you like to dive deeper into the matter.

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