The Power of my Commitment “I AM PEACE”

Ever since I committed to “I AM PEACE” at the end of the Global Meditation for Peace on August 8th, 2014 together with thousands of people around the world, I feel drawn to explore peace, how I can be peace and how I can bring more peace to the world. It is as if that commitment has been received by a higher power that is now directing me and I don’t know where it will take me.

At the moment I feel drawn to explore a person that I got to know through one of his books: James F. Twyman. I didn’t know this guy until I read “Love, God, and the Art of French Cooking”, a book I liked very much, because it explains and explores some things about food that I believe and practice as well. But that wasn’t the interesting thing about James F. Twyman. I like to know who is the author of the book that I am reading and googled him. To my surprise this man is known around the world as Peace Troubadour, somebody who travels to places at war and in conflict conducting large Peace prayer vigils with over 100,000 people worldwide and singing Peace prayers to shift the energies in the war torn regions and help to reach peace. Wow.

In addition to that he had some pretty amazing spiritual experiences throughout his life, meeting psychic children in Bulgaria, a spiritual peace circle in Croatia and Bosnia and Jeshua ben Joseph in Jerusalem in a vision.  He has written books about all these experiences. He also created The Beloved Community, a community of people that have been ordained as Peace Ministers and conduct peace meetings in different locations around the world but mostly in the U.S. and Canada. Originally he is a singer and became known for turning the 12 Peace prayers of all world religions into songs.

Something is guiding me to read several of his books at the moment. Namely:

They all have Love and Peace as central topics as well as being connected, being Oneness. I wonder what I will learn and experience during reading. Come and join me, if you like, in exploring Peace, Love and Oneness through the means of those books.

To get an impression of James F. Twyman, search for his name on Youtube.



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